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We are seeing a strong upswing in the number of commercial and residential construction projects, and Karnes Electric is prepared to welcome our new member-owners home. No matter the size or scope of your project, KEC is here to help you manage the process from beginning to end.


Select this Option if you need to apply for new electric service for a location that currently has a meter or has had a meter in the past.
Get Started
1. The Service Address, Meter Number or former member who had service at the location.
2. A Valid Driver’s License and Social Security Number.
3. A completed Membership Application.
4. Membership fee($5.00) and deposit (varies by location).
5. If service is currently connected, authorization from current member.

Select this option if you need to build new electric service or extend electric service from existing electric infrastructure to a new location.
New Service Questionnaire
1. Complete the New Service Questionnaire.
2. Obtain your 911 address for your service location.
3. Submit all required documents including: Filed Copy of your Warranty Deed, Notarized
Right of Way Easements, and Membership Application.
4. Pay the total Cost Estimate and Membership Fee.
5. After construction is complete a Licensed Electrician will need to install a main
breaker panel.
6. Contact our office for a scheduled inspection of the main breaker panel.
7. The meter will be energized up to 3 business days after passed inspection.
8. The member’s first bill will be received in 6-8 weeks.
To check whether KEC is the Electric Service provider at your planned service location, please use our Service Map.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What to Expect - New Construction
Documents and Forms
Wiring Specifications
Upgrade Service
Name Change
Filed Copy of your Warranty Deed
Notarized Right of Way Easements
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