New Service

All new or current Members needing NEW CONSTRUCTION or wanting existing service RELOCATED; must first contact Russell Korzekwa, Staking Superintendent in Karnes City at (830) 780-3952, ext. 308. Russell will schedule an appointment with one of the staking technicians to meet with you at your location. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give us call as soon as possible.

Be prepared to answer the following questions at the meeting:

  1. What will the meter serve (house, mobile home, shop, water well, etc.)?
  2. Where will the structure(s) be located?
  3. What size electrical load will be needed to serve the structure(s)?
  4. Where will the meter be located (installed on the structure or the meter pole)?
  5. Do you want a security light installed?
  6. Where do you want the construction estimate mailed?

The Staking Technician will report to Russell Korzekwa and the Engineering Department. The Engineering Department will mail a construction cost estimate to the address you provide.

After receiving your construction cost estimate, the following requirements must be met before New Service can be scheduled for construction.

  1. A Membership application packet including a Right of Way Easement, or an Aerial Right of Way Easement if required, will be mailed upon your request. Please execute and return the forms along with the Total Amount Due. (The applicant will be responsible for providing Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. with all easements).
  2. The applicant for permanent residential service may satisfactorily establish credit and shall not be required to pay a deposit if the applicant has established a satisfactory credit rating (Online Credit Verification Form) as determined by the Cooperative.
  3. After the payment and paperwork are received, a Staking Technician will stake the job and then submit it to the Line Superintendent who will then schedule the job for construction.
  4. The Cooperative will make good faith efforts to complete the project in a timely manner, and the completion of the facilities and the initiation of service will depend upon circumstances beyond the control of the Cooperative.  If you have any scheduling questions you may contact the Line Superintendent, Patrick Janysek at (830) 780-3952, ext. 315.
  5. The applicant is responsible for everything below the meter. A guideline sheet of required Wiring Specifications was provided with the application. Once your disconnect box is installed, call KEC to schedule a serviceman to inspect the connection. If it is approved, the serviceman will energize your meter. However, if the disconnect box is improperly installed and a second trip is required to energize the meter a $50.00 service charge will be applied to your next bill.

Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. looks forward to serving you as a member-owner of the Cooperative. We are Your Home Team Advantage.